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During the past 10 years-and more notably during the past five years, an immense surge in the consumption of wipes on a global level has been seen. The market has developed from almost non-existence to a $4.5 billion-plus powerhouse. Though trailing Europe and Japan in per capita consumption of wipes, North America has seen a relative explosion of new product launches within the last five years that has taken the market size to nearly $3 billion annually, with growth estimates indicating additional potential.


The market drivers behind the accelerated growth can be narrowed down to development of products that address specific and real consumer needs, create perceived needs through specialization of products and applications and increase consumer awareness of products through effective marketing by the brand leaders. The market has evolved from simply offering baby wipes to presenting a plethora of specific products designed to address very narrow needs, crossing all application boundaries. .


As members of a society that thrives on convenience, we have grown attached to the ease that wet wipes bring to our daily lives. The growth and consumption figures prove this point. Economic conditions during the past five years have as well contributed to a shift in paradigms related to consumption of disposable single-use products.


On an economic level, growth of wet wipes can be attributed to several factors: the average consumer has more disposable income; there are more multiple-breadwinner households and there is overall less time available for cleaning and taking care of some of the more menial activities that require our attention.


Changes in trends in the wipes market have also been driven by new product developments and the positive reception of new product applications by the consumer. The most noticeable phenomenon is the decline in the growth of baby wipes relative to every other wipes application that currently occupies shelf space in the North American retail wipes market. The root cause for the decline is attributable more to cannibalization from within than the corresponding decline in the North American birth rate. Baby wipes once served as a cure-all convenience product but succumbed to the evolution of the market itself, gradually being replaced by wipes designed for specific applications. Declining consumption and virtually limitless availability of alternative brands have led baby wipes to become the benchmark commodity product within the wipes market.


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1)      Box-drawing face tissue machine  2/4/6 lines

2)      Toilet paper machine (Semi-automatic or Full-automatic, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.2m, or 2.8m, with color printing or without color printing)

3)      Napkin paper machine with embossment (can with 1-6 color printing units)

4)      Single sheet wet wipe machine ( higher speed: 250packages/minute; low speed: 170packages/minute)

5)      Handtowel machine ( 2/4/6 lines)

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7)      lady wet wipe machine ( can package 5-30 pcs per package)

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