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Arab paper expo in 2015, the eighth paper, toilet paper, paper processing

The Arab paper expo in 2015
And the eighth paper, toilet paper, paper processing and exhibition

1.Time: on September 14, 2015-16
Location: dubai international convention and exhibition center Sheikh Saeed hall1

      Papermaking raw and auxiliary materials, chemicals, pulp, paper and paper products: all kinds of paper, paper box, cardboard boxes, paper products such as packaging materials, all kinds of industrial and household paper processing paper, paper net, wool and other raw materials and equipment; Papermaking machinery and equipment, household paper machinery equipment, pulp manufacturing machinery and equipment and accessories, paper making machinery and equipment, carton machinery and equipment, spare parts, auxiliary equipment and instruments and meters, paper processing equipment, dehydration, crushing equipment, pumps, valves, piping, and new technology of paper making equipment, paper making energy saving technology and equipment; Corrugated carton machinery and equipment:

      Cardboard corrugated board production line equipment and spare parts processing, single-sided corrugated machine, thin knife slitting and creasing machine, slitting machine, cut machine, paper machine, corrugated roll, cotton tape, longitudinal cutting knife, cut knife, rotary steam coupling, clutch, brake, etc; Papermaking chemicals: all kinds of pulp and chemicals and various kinds of papermaking additives; Other: paper making automation and computer control system; Paper environmental protection and three wastes treatment technology and equipment:

      White water recycling technology and equipment, deinking technology and equipment, utilization of recycled paper processing treatment technology and environmental protection equipment, paper "three wastes" treatment and comprehensive utilization of new technology and equipment; Handling and packaging machinery and equipment;
After printing technology and equipment, etc.


4.The exhibition's brief introduction:
      PAPER ARABIA2015 Arab international PAPER, printing and post-press processing technology is by Arab AL FAJER information service company with the Indian printing, packaging and related machinery manufacturers association, hosted by the will be on September 14, 2015-16, held in dubai international convention and exhibition center. Exhibition attracted 2014 came from Denmark, Canada, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Arabia, the United States, Britain and other 55 countries, 7612 spectators, 2015 exhibition will be more inclined to corrugated paper and carton industry.

5.Market analysis:
      In the Middle East and surrounding areas is relatively backward paper industry and the market potential is tremendous. Due to the local production capacity can't meet the increasing consumer demand, about 62% of paper paper in the Middle East market depend on import. Paper market value of about $66 billion in 2011, estimates the demand by 2017 will reach forty-nine million tons of paper. The current Middle East paper consumption of about 10 million tons, 7 million tons of which it has to import. With the improvement of the Middle East and north Africa residents living standards and the transformation of consumer consciousness, the market of high-grade toilet paper, toilet paper, sanitary napkin, also the increasing demand of diapers.
      In this situation, many local life paper processing factory production, their demand for high quality base paper production equipment and paper also be a great market development opportunity. In 2015 to the Middle East Arab paper exhibition is the only way to directly from the gulf, including in Africa, India, central Asia suppliers, traders, agents, processing manufacturers, printers, importers, etc., and can satisfy the business enterprise from raw materials to complex machinery, equipment, technology, until the finished paper, tissue paper and paperboard products procurement requirements of trade event.



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