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Potential of the papermaking machinery industry


Potential of the papermaking machinery industry

China's paper machinery industry has great potential


(1) paper machinery industry in China has great potential

With the rapid development of China's economic, technological, and national technology and equipment for the paper industry to introduce and investment in technological transformation seriously, paper machinery enterprises from the size of the business, the surge level, product level, manufacturing capabilities are very greatly improved and the gap with the international advanced paper equipment is getting smaller and smaller, in some ways even in the leading position, such as the non-wood fiber pulping technology, the market share of domestic medium-sized sets of pulp and paper production line improved significantly preliminary comparative advantages in multinational corporations compete.

Paper machinery industry, the type of corporate economic structures and mechanisms in the Tenth Five-Year period to produce significant changes. The leading companies in the industry, from the original 50% of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, has been transformed into joint ventures, multi-investment joint-stock enterprises, and private joint-stock enterprises, the proportion of the original state-owned enterprises dropped significantly for more than 95%. Changes in the system and mechanism for significantly enhanced the vitality and ability to adapt to the market, and accelerate product structure adjustment and upgrading of competitiveness, but also laid an important foundation for the sustained development of the paper machinery industry. 
The leading companies in the industry has gradually the emphasis on technology exchange and cooperation between the performance at home and abroad in the machine matching electrical drives, automation, computer control, environmental protection and other professional companies as well as bearings, motors, and lubrication products supporting the company also start with the domestic industries of metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, electronic instruments, computers and other business process collaboration, to address the industry's own lack of special machined parts, special raw materials and spare parts.
Defects will develop, and perhaps the development of machinery industry of China's paper is not perfect, I believe that development in the near future, China's paper machinery industry is getting better and better.

2. Wipes
According to the statistics of the Professional Committee of China Paper Association Paper, in 2010 China the wipes's exports of about 8.32 billion, compared with 2009 growth of 9.5%. Consumption was about 12.48 billion, an increase of 4.9 percent in 2009. The size of the market (market sales) of about 2 billion yuan, an increase of 19.8% over 2009.
Professional Committee of China Paper Association Paper wipes manufacturers of the statistics in the register of the end of 2010, 439, 42 more than last year, producers are mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, Liaoning, Beijing and other places, but few national brands, the market concentration is relatively high. There are many companies to other domestic enterprises or retailers do OEM or OEM products to foreign production.
2010 statistics of the Professional Committee of China Paper Association Paper wipes varieties of ordinary type, special baby, women-only, with make-up remover, and other personal uses and wet wipes. Common type which wipes accounted for about 28.6 percent of sales, special baby wipes account for about 42.0%, about 8.4 percent of female-specific wipes, make-up remover wipes accounted for about 3.6%, other personal uses wipes accounted for about 5.5%. The wet wipes accounted for about 11.9%. Wipes packaging on the market today mainly in the form of single-chip installed (standalone install), Multi-Pack cartridges of three kinds. Functionality of wipes products is growing, and add a variety of skin care ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, lavender, mint. Some companies also based on the use of wet wipes further subdivided into a variety of functional specific products in the domestic market, sales of good feedback. 2010, Tongling Jie Ya Lion in Tongling City Economic Development Zone to invest in the construction of Asia's largest functional wet wipes production base, the completion of the project will form the the wipes theoretical capacity of 7 billion / year. Jiang Chinese medicine into the wet tissue areas of the river Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in August 2010, independent research and development Rui Jie brand disinfecting wipes production project in Jiangxi Province the Yugan Industrial Park started construction.
After three years of rapid development (annual growth rate of not less than 30%), China wipes industry has entered a stage of stable development. Wipes factory sales increased 6.2 percent in 2010, the market sales increased 19.8%, which is due to the increase in the share of high-end products, the average retail price to improve due. Ordinary wipes share of sales ratio increased compared to 2009, the decline in the proportion of special baby wipes, but still accounted for the largest category. Wipes market development, there are still many problems, such as product quality cheap inexpensive, category, technical content is not high, the lack of branding, and so on. The domestic market, many small businesses, product quality is uneven, a single category, companies often survive by taking the low road price war.
China's implementation of national standard GB / T 20808-2006 Zhijin Zhi (including wipes), including paper and wipes the two products. With the wipes industry, product category continues to grow. In order to better regulate the wipes product quality requirements, the technical content of the standard scientific and rational, the Secretariat of the Paper Industry Standardization Technical Committee decided to paper and wipes in the original standard were developed standards. In early 2010, the wipes standard drafting work has been started, the approval for the adoption of the draft discussion after.
From an international viewpoint, baby wipes is the first launch of a wet tissue, is the most common application of wipes products. Wipes the 21st century before entering China from abroad, the overall penetration rate of the domestic markets, wipes are relatively low, baby wipes is quite popular, more and more mothers who already know how to purchase and use of baby wipes. Personal care wipes more and more young people of all ages, many white-collar 'handbag will put a pack of wipes. With the improvement of people's living standard and the development of tourism and catering industry, the wipes market will be further developed.
Wet wipes addition to the personal cleanliness other than for household cleaning wipes, such as cleaning computers, shoes, cars, floors, furniture surface, these wipes in developed countries has been the years of development, but in China market, these products also in its infancy, with the residents' disposable incomes and the pursuit of the high quality of life, household cleaning wipes market will be developed.

(3) household paper
In 2010, the initial recovery of the global economy, China's household paper market demand strong, continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth, household paper enterprises and other kinds of paper, paper-making enterprises of new capacity investment hot spots. China put into operation and the new tissue machine projects announced in 2010 ranked first in the world, become the focus of global attention.
Although international commodity pulp prices continued to rise to the impact of 2010, household paper corporate profit margins are compressed, but through improved management, lower raw materials, energy consumption, product price adjustment, business is generally good.
Household paper consumption in 2010 increased by 11.1%, market size (total market sales) of about 54.32 billion yuan, up 19.7 percent over 2009, per capita annual consumption of 3.48 kg from 3.14 kg in 2009.
15 of the top manufacturers of production in 2010 accounted for 36.8% of total sales accounts for approximately 41.3% of total sales. Industry concentration, a slight increase over the previous year.
The export trade continues to grow in the life of paper in 2010. Exports than in 2010 increased by 4.5% over the previous year; exports increased by 10.3 percent over the previous year.
According to a survey by the World toilet paper magazine (Tissue World), the new tissue machine projects ranks first in the world [2]. Accounted for 53% of the global expansion of production capacity for the period 2010-2012, about 2.38 million tons.
According to the 2010 survey of household paper committee of the China Paper Association, the domestic consumption of household paper products, toilet paper dominated, accounting for 66.5 percent market share, other category followed by the tissues (18.2%), paper handkerchiefs (7.2 %), napkins (2.6%), paper towels (1.8%), kitchen paper (1.4%), mount (1.4%).
2010, the types of fiber raw materials used by the China Paper Association Paper Committee of 91 household paper enterprises survey, approximately 70% of the yield coverage, by the analysis of the survey projected household paper industry uses the structure of the fiber raw material for wood pulp (47.5%), straw (17.2%), bagasse pulp (10.6%), bamboo (9.5%), mixed slurry (8.5%), waste pulp (6.7%).
Although China's current household paper consumption is second only to North America and Western Europe, ranking third in the world, but because of the large population, per capita consumption of household paper in 2010 was only 3.48 kg, has not yet reached the world average ( 4.1 kg), compared to North America (25 kg), Japan and Western Europe (15 kg), Chinese Hong Kong / Macau / Taiwan (10 kg or more) there is a considerable gap between the long-term growth potential of the market is still very large. With China's economic development and urbanization, the international process to speed up the potential market demand will continue to release the tremendous development of this sunrise industry for household paper. According to the current release of the new project, the expected life of paper production and consumption will continue to grow rapidly, the current base is higher, it is estimated that household paper market in the next few years will be China's GDP growth rate of synchronous or slightly low-speed development.

4 absorbent hygiene products

China's production of hygiene products in certain categories (such as adult incontinence supplies, pet mats, wipes, etc.) a larger proportion of OEM products for international markets. With the global economic recovery in 2010, the foreign trade market of absorbent hygiene products is gradually being restored. The same time, the domestic market to maintain the growth momentum, the business situation is generally good. Consumption of various products a larger increase than last year, especially baby diapers and adult incontinence supplies. In 2010, the market size (total market sales) of absorbent hygiene products reached 62.84 billion yuan, an increase of 14.3% compared to 2009. Sanitary napkin / sanitary pads in total market sales accounted for 65.5 percent of infant disposable diapers accounted for 29.4% accounted for 1.9%, adult incontinence products, wipes accounted for 3.2%.
5 wipes market prospects

Industry marketing experts to analyze the reasons pointed out that many companies just try to enter the wipes market, and did not see it as a completely separate product category to push the same time, because it temporarily can not be like ordinary paper towel market, as people necessities, so the overall market sales of the manufacturers to promote investment and consumers of their awareness of many limitations, wet wipes market from independent market still exists a certain distance. "But we must see that, in recent years consumer wipes the spontaneous acceptance level has been mature, and more to do business, people buy more, wipes market is facing a great opportunity."
The industry forecasts that the wipes market is in a "blowout foreshadowing of, there will be a small thing to break the ice, and thus boost the growth of the industry as a whole. Special period of influenza can become this little thing? Enterprises are also aware of market trends can not control the wipes market rise, they have to quickly follow. In this sense, the wipes category market detonated, only time



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