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Chinese wet wipes standard revision

Wet towel standard revision started in our country


      Wet wipes standard workshop was held in Beijing. Meeting shall be presided over by the national paper industry standardization technical committee secretary general Chen, the national paper industry standardization technical committee, deputy director of the Chinese pulp and paper research institute, vice President of bao-rong lu. Heng, procter & gamble, kimberly-clark, Johnson & Johnson, kao, clean elegant, vader, DongGuan, the little nurse, Han Dong, brilliant victories wipes the relevant person in charge of production enterprises attended the meeting.


      At present, the GB/T20808-2006 the tissue paper (including wipes) national standard including the tissue paper and wet towel two categories of products. With the development of wet towel industry, product category increased. In order to better regulate wipes product quality requirements, technical content to determine the standard of scientific and reasonable, paper standard council secretariat, the tissue paper and decided to the original standard wipes standards respectively, which wipes standard drafting work is started, and began to form a standard drafting team.


      The standard workshop widely listen to opinions and Suggestions for each participant enterprises, discuss the preliminary revision of the standard content is determined. The revised GB/T20808 name for the wet paper towels, on the basis of the original standard wipes content, proposed amendments including scope, classification, technical indicators, appearance requirements 4 parts, classification and appearance requirements of them are new parts.


      The paper standard council determined primarily, wet wipes range specified for daily life use of all kinds of wet wipes, divided into the human body with a damp towel and objects with a wet towel two categories, including human body type such as oral cavity clean wet towel, skin clean wet towel two, objects such as the kitchen with a wet towel, bath with a wet towel wipes three and other purposes. Technical indicators to increase product technical requirements, such as sealing performance, pH value of the human body by increasing product sealing performance, pH technical requirements; Objects with the sealing performance of the product, and increasing the kitchen with a wet towel increase detergency, metal corrosion technology index, wei yu with a wet towel to increase pH, bactericidal effect, corrosion amount of technical indicators, other use a wet towel according to the contract standard production. Cosmetic requirements are clear wipes surface without burr and flaky.


      According to introducing, at the same time in the revision of this standard, paper standard council secretariat is apply to redesign the tissue paper national standards, plans, and the wet paper towels, "revised standard common report for examination and approval.

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